Nissan Skyline GTR and Toyota Supra Pages

We’d like to introduce a couple new pages to our website. We created a specific page for the Nissan Skyline GTR and the Toyota Supra Turbo. We’d love to get your input. Is there any information you’d like us to … Continued

Want to write a guest blog post?

How to Write a Guest Blog Post Do you own a JDM car? Do you know someone who owns a JDM car? Do you ‘not’ own a JDM car but you’re absolutely bonkers about JDM cars? If you answered yes … Continued

Testimonial: JDM Enthusiasts React to Our Inventory

Some customers react to visiting our location and seeing our inventory. Initial impressions of our customers are about how unique a lot of vehicles in our inventory are. A lot of people’s interactions or knowledge of these cars come from … Continued