71,500km or 44,500 miles

Rust Free
Runs flawless
OEM factory other then head unit
Includes owners manual and maintenance book (records from when it was new, until it left Japan)

This Galant is an absolute gem. Beautiful and clean inside and out, with the paint still in great shape. Only cosmetic flaw is a cracked lid on the dash storage compartment, but dash, seats. and trim are all excellent. Car is in stock configuration and still pulls with some serious authority, courtesy of it’s 4G63t. This car would make an awesome daily driver or sleeper, and is incredibly comfortable to boot!

The sixth generation Galant VR-4 (E38A/E39A) was in production from 1988-1992. Many people consider this car to be the predecessor to the Evo since it has the same powertrain and drivetrain configuration. With it’s 4G63t and AWD, this car was a success on the rally circuit as well as an excellent road car. Plus with it’s sleeper looks, unsuspecting road-bullies would be left with a gaping jaw as this little unassuming sedan left them in their dust. With the most basic version producing 195hp, and 0-60 coming up in 7.3 seconds with a quarter mile time of 15.3 seconds, the Galant VR-4 was on par with serious sports cars of the day.

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine Type: Gasoline

Engine Size: 2.0 Liter

Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual

Drivetrain: not_specified


Body Color: Silver

Doors: 4

Chassis Number (VIN): E39A-0022846


Year: 1990

Make: Mitsubishi

Model: galant_vr-4

Miles: 44,500