1992 MAZDA AZ-1


92,038 km or 57,190 miles

Aftermarket exhaust
Aftermarket intake
Aftermarket steering wheel
Custom matching interior trim
Owner’s manual
Maintenance records


AZ-1 Information:

Mazda produced the AZ-1 from October 1992 until 1995 as their sports car entry in the kei car class. Using the same 657cc 3-cylinder found in the Suzuki Cappuccino mounted in front of the rear axle, and paired to a 5-speed manual, the AZ-1 was a seriously capable and fun car. Mazda released a few special editions including the M2 1015, which included new bumpers and a spoiler in addition to fog lamps. The Mazdaspeed version included the cosmetic upgrades in addition to performance upgrades as well.


Financing Information:

Financing a JDM car is slightly different than getting a conventional car loan; don’t worry, it’s easier than you might think. Go to the FINANCING section of our FAQ page for more details.

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine Type: Gasoline

Engine Size: .6L 3-cylinder

Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual

Drivetrain: not_specified


Body Color: Red

Doors: 2

Chassis Number (VIN): PG6SA-101756


Year: 1992

Make: Mazda

Model: az-1

Miles: 57,190