This Silvia is a clean example of the S13. Lightly but tastefully modified, and drives very well. Motor feels very strong, and transmission shifts smoothly. Car is fairly low, and will occasionally rub on the wheel well over bumps. Minor cosmetic issues, such as some small chipping in the paint. See below for a list of aftermarket modifications.

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101,999 km or 63,379

HKS intake
S15 seats
Work wheels
Aftermarket exhaust
HPI front mount intercooler
5Zigen steering wheel
Defi gauges
Aftermarket front mount intercooler
HID headlights

Nissan Silvia Facts:
Starting production in mid-1988 and lasting until 1994, the S13 Silvia was the successor to the S12, and helped establish the Silvia as a popular RWD sports car for many years. Early versions used the CA18DE and CA18DET (tubocharged) engines, while in February 1991 they switched to the excellent SR20DE and SR20DET respectively. The S13 was the first S-Series car to use the J’s, Q’s, and K’s designation for trim levels, a nod to the faces on English playing cards. The Q’s offered an available LSD, and the K’s offered the turbocharged variant of CA18 or SR20, depending on the year of manufacture. This combo made the Silvia extremely popular in the drift car series.

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine Type: Diesel

Engine Size: 2.0 Liter

Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual

Drivetrain: not_specified


Body Color: White

Doors: 2

Chassis Number (VIN): PS13-075030


Year: 1992

Make: Nissan

Model: Silvia K's