1992 Nissan Skyline GTR


68,507 km or 42,568 miles

Impulse intake
Aftermarket exhaust
ARC intercooler piping
ARC blowoff valve
Aftermarket intercooler
Aftermarket suspension
Strut bar
Oil filter relocation
AVS wheels
Stagger steering wheel
Mine’s boost gauge
Factory cup holder

This 1992 Nissan Skyline GTR would make a great weekend car for a JDM enthusiast. Runs and drives like a champ, and the engine and transmission feel strong and sturdy. With just over 42,500 miles on the clock this car has low mileage, but is not without faults. The a/c has been deleted, so a heads up to potential buyers in hot climates (like Florida). The aftermarket installed Nismo vents up front have seen better days, and the rear spoiler may have been painted by hand at some point, speculating from the texture. The rest of the paint still shines and maintains its clear coat. The stance and wheels also pull this particular car together quite nicely. The suspension offers stiffer, more responsive handling, albeit trading off a bit of ride quality. Plus with the addition of the oil filter relocation, oil changes are far less frustrating and time consuming. Overall, a nice car with a solid drivetrain. Simultaneously a car you could hop in and drive or build up however you like!


R32 Information:

Entering production in August 1989, the R32 Skyline GT-R was revolutionary in it’s class. It was nicknamed “Godzilla” in Australia due to it’s ability to outperform the V8 muscle cars that were popular during the time. With a 276hp 2.6L twin-turbo inline 6 and all-wheel drive, it could dominate on the drag strip or road course. The motor was matched to a 5 speed Getrag manual with a final drive ratio of 4.111. Also available was a 4 wheel steering system, helping the GT-R utilize all of it’s available grip. With a plethora of aftermarket parts and tuning it’s possible to push 1000hp from the GT-R.


Financing Information:

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Engine & Drivetrain

Engine Type: Gasoline

Engine Size: 2.6L

Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual

Drivetrain: awd


Body Color: White

Doors: 2

Chassis Number (VIN): BNR32221484


Year: 1992

Make: Nissan

Model: Skyline GTR

Miles: 42,568