1993 Nissan Skyline GTS25-t


172,801 km or 107,364 miles

Oil filter relocation
Aftermarket suspension
Aftermarket wheels
GTR rear spoiler

This 1993 Nissan Skyline is a fairly clean example of the R33 GTS25t. The best upgrade being the oil filter relocation which makes performing an oil change much easier and faster. The aftermarket rear spoiler gives the car a slightly more aggressive look, and resembles the R33 GTR more closely. The car is also equipped with a push button starter, which works by turning the key to “On” and pressing the starter button. The RB25DET makes a decent amount of power and has a high level of tuning capability, and runs quite smoothly. The transmission still feels smooth and solid, with a positive shift motion and easy clutch engagement.

R33 Information:

Starting production in mid-late 1993, the R33 Skyline was redesigned and upgraded in several ways. Safety was a big improvement, and the R33 is often regarded as the safest of all Skyline models. All models used 6-cylinder motors now, with the entry level GTS using the SOHC RB20E. It was available in both coupe and sedan, with the coupe more closely resembling the GTR-to-come a few years later. The GTS-t was also revived in the new GTS25-t, which upgraded from the 2.0L RB20DET to the larger RB25DET. This increased power and torque across the board, as well as providing a better platform for tuners. HICAS also made a return as Super HICAS (and who doesn’t love super things?!), and the GTS25-t could also be had with a new active-LSD, which replaced the old viscous LSD.


Financing Information:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Engine & Drivetrain

Engine Type: Gasoline

Engine Size: 2.5 Liter

Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual

Drivetrain: rwd


Body Color: Black

Doors: 2

Chassis Number (VIN): ECR33-017384


Year: 1993

Make: Nissan

Model: Skyline GTS25t

Miles: 107,374