1994 Subaru WRX Sti


Serial number 90/200
Type B
Fujitsubo SS exhaust

We often joke about the WRX/STi at Montu, since we get offered SO MANY on trade. But there really is something special about the original. While this car could use a trip to the paint booth, the rest of this car is just so amazing! With a quintessentially 90’s sporty interior, and seats that more or less surpass the R32 GTR’s, coupled with the original Nardi steering wheel and shifter, this car represents its era with pride! This car also shows its roots in rally racing. The motor is so flexible for a 2-liter, and it’s a blast rowing through the gears with the 5-speed manual. Granted, throws aren’t as short as the modern cars, but they still feel engaging. The traditional boxer sound rumbling through the exhaust definitely heightens the experience. Plus, being serial 90/200 has got to mean something special. The Subie clubs will be jealous of the lucky person who rolls up in this one!

Due to the age of our cars it isn’t uncommon to find areas of high wear. The brakes on this car could use a refresh. Since this is a commonly upgraded area we leave this to the responsibility of our customers since the next owner will likely have a brand of preference. Montu can facilitate the refresh if desired. Please contact us for specific details and pricing.

WRX/STi Information:

The first generation of the Subaru WRX started production in 1992 and lasted until 2000. WRX stands for “World Rally eXperimental”, owing to its rally breeding. Power came from a unique 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo dubbed the EJ20, and had horizontally opposed cylinders, giving the motor a low center of gravity inside the engine bay. Initial power offering was about 237 hp, similar to Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution 1, its main competitor. Power would creep through the years up to 276, the maximum allowed by Japan’s “Gentlemen’s Agreement”. 1994 also saw the introduction of the even more hardcore STi version, which added blueprinted motors, transmissions and suspension hardware. The unique engines coupled to the rally dominating AWD system garnered these cars a cult-like following, and share a similar layout over a quarter-century later.


Financing Information:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Engine & Drivetrain

Engine Type: Gasoline

Engine Size: 2.0 Liter

Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual

Drivetrain: awd


Body Color: Silver

Doors: 4

Chassis Number (VIN): GC8018951


Year: 1994

Make: Subaru

Model: impreza

Miles: 65,244